Saturday, August 21, 2010


Welcome to my new recipe blog! Since I was little I have always loved to bake and cook delectable food. I started compiling my favorite recipes on May 26, 1998, to be exact, in a book I entitled "Heather's First Resipes." Yes, at the time I didn't realize that the word recipes is spelled with a "c" instead of an "s" :) It wasn't until I got married to my wonderful husband that I realized that this recipe book I thought would be a great resource to feed us contained mostly cookie, cake and quick bread recipes. Now that I have been married for a couple years, I have added to my collection other satiable treats and more substantial meals. I've decided to keep this blog to document the delicious dishes I make and to simply share the love. I am particularly fond of chicken dishes and treats, but as I am always trying new recipes and improving the ones I have, I will likely post a variety of foods on this blog. Happy Eating!

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